E-Governance Solutions

We are serving citizens needs while working on government projects for more than two and a half decades. Our E-Governance service practices include a vast array of services.

G2C Services

Explore Government to Consumer Services from Proxifi Technologies

Govt. Solutions

Applying our technology practices to make Governance effective.

Roll Outs

Our rollout services provides man force for swift implementation.

Web Portals

Portals made by us won awards and replicates our expertise.

Serving The Nation

Government to customer services with PROXIFI Technologies

Government to Consumers and Enterprises

With our E-Governance services we assist government interactions with citizens (G2C), businesses (G2B), employees (G2E) and help coordinate between the government departments and ministries (G2G), thus boosting quality of services and management of resources to ensure convenience and transparency within the system.

With improved technological capabilities, the different processes and infrastructure governing the government institutions will be streamlined, thus maximizing productivity and operational efficiency.

Service Empowering Government for Citizens

Technology has revolutionized how governments function and interact with the citizens globally. Citizens can connect & communicate, gaining access to information with ease, in a more secure and reliable environment. In the midst of globalization, and emerging technologies, government officials are exploring new ways of connecting with the citizens.

At PROXIFI Technologies, we offer a wide array of services that is empowering government to connect with citizens.


PROXIFI Technologies (P) Limited is empaneled with central government, various state governments and their supplementary programs for delivering IT solutions.

Empanelled Bodies & Organizations

  • Delhi Police
  • Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited - NPCIL GHAVP Site
  • Department of Information Technology (DOIT)
  • Reserve Bank of India (RBI) – Ahmedabad
  • Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. – UP
  • Industrial Extension Bureau (iNDEXTb)
  • Government of Uttar Pradesh
  • Government E-Marketplace

Roll-out Services

PROXIFI Technologies rollout services provides 360 degree support to governments by providing developed applications, resources and manforce for its implementation.

We provide training, master data and hand hold services to assist government projects for better execution. Our rollout services are available for third party development apart from our self developed applications as well.

We’ve got a Team of Highly Skilled Resources

  • Project Manager
  • Delivery Manager
  • UI Design Lead
  • UI Designers
  • Developers
  • Sr. Quality Expert
  • Quality Expert
  • Sr. Content Writer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Technology Architect
  • Database Expert
  • Security Expert
  • Testing Team
  • Business Analyst
  • GIS Expert
  • Training & Change Expert